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Greetings! My name is Jonathan. I’m a UX Designer with a curiosity for innovation. In theory, design should be simple! If something is too difficult to use, the user will simply turn to its competitor. My job is to prevent that from happening by creating seamless user experiences.

data driven design is the best type of design.

We spend half of our lives, if not more, being told what is best for us. What if there was a proven manual as to what works best?

Luckily for user experiences, there is! My design is backed with user tests and data on its targeted audience. Technology has come a far way!


My Latest Work

Project 1 – FashionGo

FashionGo is a B2B platform for wholesale clothing. They provide a mobile app for Apple and Android, as well as their own online website.

Responsible for creating aesthetic presentations for stakeholders, wireframe and prototype based on user analysis, creating data spreadsheets, competitive research, and user tests and presentations.

Benchmark Data Collection

link to Benchmark Report

link to Persona, Flow, and Experiernce Report

link to Mobile Onboarding feature research and implementation

Project 4 – Studio 8 FX

Studio8fx LLC. is a post-production company located in Los Angeles, California that supports work for visual effects in 2D and 3D since 2008.

Responsible for asset management, designing, and creating website.


Project 3 – Bodega PH

Bodega PH is a B2C wholesale grocery app for South Manila, Philippines. They host their own warehouse and delivery system.

Responsible for conducting user research in a foreign country. Designed E-Commerce B2C application, asset creation, created pitch deck for stakeholders.

Project 2 – Alliance Integrated Technology

The media and entertainment industry requires 100% uptime all the time. When downtime strikes, it’s absolute chaos. That’s when Andy decided to fill that gap with Alliance Integrated Technology. Understanding this unique need, Andy formed Alliance Integrated Technology in 2009. From inception, Andy emphasized testing in addition to providing the most technically advanced solutions for the most demanding clients and situations.

Responsible for asset management, designing layout and navigation, and creating website.